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Call for Papers/ Presentations /Panel Session Proposals

TED2006 Conference
March 29-31, 2006
The Peabody Little Rock
Three Statehouse Plaza
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Conference Theme: Transportation and Economic Development

Papers and presentations will be related to the following topics:

  • Economics of Transportation Investment
  • Perspectives of Local and Regional Government
  • Perspectives of the Production and Logistics Industry
  • Global Trade Perspective
  • Coordination of Transportation and Economic Development
  • State, Local, Corridor and Regional Analysis
  • Analysis of the Role of Statewide and Metropolitan Planning
  • Economic Growth vs. Economic Development-Analytical Framework
  • Component Analysis: freight, productivity, labor force shed, tourism
  • Analysis of Case Studies
  • Analysis of Potential Negative Impacts of Economic Development
  • Trade and Transportation at the US/Mexico Border
  • NAFTA and Transportation Intermodal Transportation and Development
  • Inland Waterways and International Trade
  • Rural Transportation and Economic Development
  • Urban transportation
  • Airlines and airport
  • Railways

Deadlines for Submissions
Abstracts: January 20, 2006
Panel Session Proposals: January 20, 2006
Final Papers or Presentations: March 3, 2006

Papers are welcome in all areas and all modes of transportation, with a fair emphasis on economic development; proposals for panel sessions are particularly welcome in areas related to the conference themes.

To be considered, please submit abstracts, presentations and manuscripts via email at [email protected] .

Send panel session proposals to Daniel Hodge, the chair of program subcommittee, email: [email protected]

All papers and presentations will be published in the TED2006 Conference Proceedings which will be available on the TED2006 website. Papers may also be considered for publication in the special issue of Journal of the Transportation and Statistics Click to see Call For Papers or Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Regional Economic Development (with a regional focus on Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee).

TED2006 will cover national and international issues but will also have special sessions to discuss the perspectives and analysis of transportation issues in the Southwest and Southeast regions. These sessions will cover NAFTA issues, and other related border, trade and transportation issues. This region is home to logistics giants such as Wal-Mart based in Bentonville, AR and FedEx based in Memphis, TN.

TED encompasses all modes of transportation and the wide range of disciplines relevant to transportation, including:

  • Trucking and highway
  • Railroads
  • Airlines and airports
  • Waterways and ports
  • Urban/Rural transportation
  • Intermodal Transportation
  • Economic growth
  • Labor and Employee Relations
  • Capital investment
  • Regional economy
  • Regulation
  • Governmental Policy
  • Global trade
  • Economics impact studies
  • Environment and Energy

Instructions for Paper Submission

Papers or slides to be considered for presentation should be original manuscripts which are timely in scope and germane to transportation. Papers can be either empirical or theoretical research on transportation problems and issues. Issue papers are welcome which address current issues that affect or will affect individual transportation modes. All papers should potentially have practical application to transportation problems, issues, or policies.

Abstract Instructions

  1. Abstracts should be submitted to the following email, [email protected] .
  2. Contact information (full name, affiliation, mailing address, phone number and email) for each author should be listed below the title.
  3. Abstracts should be a maximum of one page, single-spaced.
  4. Authors will be notified within four weeks of receipt of abstract if the paper/presentation appears to be appropriate for the conference. Final acceptance is conditional upon submission of a satisfactory paper/presentation and placement of the paper/presentation in an appropriate session.

Final Paper Submission Instructions

  1. Final paper can be submitted any time after abstract acceptance, up to the deadline indicated above.
  2. Title, authors, and their affiliations should be at the beginning of the paper.
  3. An abstract should follow the authors' names and affiliations.
  4. Contact information should be provided for each of the authors.
  5. Papers should be submitted to [email protected] by February 17, 2006.

Instructions for Panel Session Proposals

Panel session proposals should deal with some aspect of transportation policy, issues, controversies, new developments, etc., preferably related to one of the conference themes. Panel sessions should include between two and four speakers. Panel sessions will last for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Proposals should include:

  1. The title of the panel session.
  2. A brief one-or-two-paragraph synopsis of the content of the session.
  3. A list of the proposed speakers with titles and affiliations.
  4. Contact information for each speaker.
  5. Contact information for the session organizer who will also serve as the panel chair.

Proposals should be emailed to Daniel Hodge, the chair of program subcommittee, email: [email protected] , in Microsoft Word format. Feel free to submit preliminary panel session proposals even if you have not confirmed the identity of all speakers.

Instructions for Presentation Submission

  1. Presentations can be submitted any time after abstract acceptance, up to the deadline indicated above.
  2. Presentations should be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint format.
  3. Presentations should be a maximum of 20 slides.
  4. Title, authors, and their affiliations should be in the first slide.
  5. Contact information should be provided for each of the authors.
  6. Presentations should be submitted to [email protected] by February 17, 2006.


Questions should be addressed to:

Vincent W. Yao, Ph.D. and C.P.M.
Co-Chair, Planning Committee
TED2006 Conference
Little Rock, AR
Phone: (501) 569-8453; Fax: (501) 569-8538.
Email: [email protected]

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