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This will be the third international conference on this subject. The first conference on the subject of transportation and economic development was in Williamsburg, Virginia in November 1989. The initiators of the conference TRB committee A1A06, the predecessor of the current TRB committee ADD-10. The program is available from or There were 6 plenary sessions and 4 breakout sessions. The total attendance was about 100.

The second national conference on this subject, which was sponsored by a number of organizations*, was held in Portland, Oregon in May 2002. Material from that conference is available at: There were 3 plenary sessions and 19 breakout sessions. Total attendance was about 230.

TED 2006, which is tentatively sponsored by, among others, TRB, the Federal Reserve Banks of St. Louis and the FHWA (other sponsors are to be added), will address both regional and national transportation issues in economic development. The Transportation and Logistics Program of Institute for Economic Advancement at University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the TRB Committee ADD-10 (formerly called TRB committee A1A06) are to organize TED 2006. The Peabody Hotel of Little Rock will be the site of the conference.

TED2006 will cover national and international issues but will also have special sessions to discuss the perspectives and analysis of transportation issues in the Southwest and Southeast regions. These sessions will cover NAFTA issues, and other related border, trade and transportation issues. This region is home to logistics giants such as Wal-Mart based in Bentonville, AR and FedEx based in Memphis, TN.

* including the Transportation Research Board (TRB), the Rahall Appalachian Transportation Institute at Marshall University the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the American Planning Association, the Association for European Transport, the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), the ASCE Committee on Urban Transport and Economics, the CODATU Urban Transport for the Third World, the Eno Transportation Foundation, the International Economic Development Council, the National Association of Development Organizations, the National Association of State Development Agencies and various State Transportation Departments and other TRB committees.

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